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Please visit the IRS website or utilize the forms we have provided:

Form 1040 (Instructions)
Form 1040-A (Instructions)
Form 1040-EZ (Instructions)
Form 1040-ES (instructions included)
Form 1040 Sch A (Instructions)
Form 1040 Sch B (instructions included)
Form 1040 Sch C (Instructions)
Form 1040 Sch D (Instructions)
Form 8949 (Instructions)
Form 1040 Sch SE (Instructions)
Form 1040-X (Instructions)
Inst 1040 Tax Tables
Form W-2 (Instructions)
Form W-4 (instructions included)
Form W-9 (Instructions)
Form 941 (Instructions)
Form 1099-MISC (Instructions)
Pub 2043 (e-file refund date chart)
Form 4868 (instructions included)
Form 8863 (Instructions)
Form 8917